BelConLawBlog publishes a selected reading list of (I) new scholarship on Belgian constitutional law in journals and books, (II) decisions of the Belgian Constitutional Court in which a violation of the Constitution has been found, (III) upcoming conferences, (IV) news articles, and (V) calls for papers. In order to submit relevant developments for our monthly overview, please contact us. This overview was composed by Juan Benjumea Moreno (academic assistant, UGent).

I. Scholarship

A. Journals

Rechtskundig Weekblad, 30 May 2015

1) L. Veny and B. Warnez, “De structurele onbestuurbaarheid van het gemeentebestuur”, 1523-1537

“The structural ungovernability of the city council”

– Juristenkrant, 13 May 2015

1) E. Kindt and P. Cannoot, “Strenger Vlaams inburgeringsbeleid: enkele kanttekeningen”, 12

“Some comments on the stricter Flemish integration policy”

– Revue belge de droit constitutionnel, 2014/3-4 (special issue 20th anniversary)

– Perspectives on Federalism, Vol. 7 – Issue 2, 2015

1) J. Goossens and P. Cannoot, “Belgian federalism after the sixth state reform”, 29-55

Available online on SSRN

B. Books

  • Uyttendaele, M. and Verdussen, M., Dictionnaire de la Sixième Réforme de l'Etat, Brussel, Larcier, 2015

Dictionary of the sixth state reform

  • Van Damme, M., Overzicht van het grondwettelijk recht, Brugge, die Keure, 2015, 456 p.

Overview of constitutional law

  • Panara, C., The sub-national dimension of the EU: a legal study of multilevel governance, Berlin, Springer, 2015, 191+xvi p.

II. Decisions of the Belgian Constitutional Court (violation of the Constitution)

1) 7 May 2015, no. 52/2015

  • Appeal for annulment
  • Contested legislation: Wet van 17 juli 2013 houdende de minimale nominale volumes duurzame biobrandstoffen die de volumes fossiele motorbrandstoffen, die jaarlijks tot verbruik worden uitgeslagen, moeten bevatten

Act of 17 July 2013 concerning the minimum nominal volumes of sustainable biofuels to be contained in the volumes of fossil motor fuels released annually for consumption

  • Partial annulment (art. 7, §§ 2-3 and §6)
  • Keywords: environmental law, biofuels, ministerial marketing authorization, European law, free movement of goods
  • See: PDF

2) 7 May 2015, no. 54/2015

  • Appeal for annulment
  • Contested legislation: Wet van 30 juli 2013 houdende diverse bepalingen (art. 70, 71, 73 en 74)

Articles 70, 71, 73 and 74 of the Act of 30 July 2013 concerning various provisions

  • Partial annulment (art. 70, 1°, 73, first paragraph, and 74)
  • Keywords: tax law, succession duty, annual tax on unit trusts, credit institutions and insurance companies, rate increase, retroactivity
  • See: PDF

3) 21 May 2015, no. 62/2015

  • Preliminary question
  • Contested legislation: Art. 46, § 1, 7°, d Arbeidsongevallenwet van 10 april 1971

Art 46, § 1, 7°, d of the Industrial Accidents Act of 10 April 1971

  • Violation (first preliminary question)
  • Keywords: social security law, industrial accidents, civil liability, serious violations of the rules on the welfare of workers during the performance of their work, revocation of the employer’s immunity
  • See: PDF

4) 28 May 2015, no. 82/2015

  • Preliminary question
  • Contested legislation: Art. 171, 5°, b), van het Wetboek van de inkomstenbelastingen 1992, zoals van toepassing op het aanslagjaar 2010

Art 171, 5°, b) of the Income Tax Code 1992, as applicable in the fiscal year 2010

  • Violation
  • Keywords: tax law, income tax, calculation of the tax, special schemes, temporary income loss benefits
  • See: PDF

III. Conferences

IV. News articles

 1) “Groen licht in Kamercommissie voor verlenging Doel 1 en 2”, KnackDe Standaard, 13 May 2015

“Green light in the parliamentary committee for the extension of nuclear plants Doel 1 and 2” (more info on  the second reading of legislation)

2)  “Homans gaat de aanstelling van Thiéry vernietigen”, De Redactie.

“Homans to annul Thiéry’s appointment”

V. Calls for papers


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