BelConLawBlog publishes a selected reading list of (I) new scholarship on Belgian constitutional law in journals and books, (II) decisions of the Belgian Constitutional Court in which a violation of the Constitution has been found, (III) upcoming conferences, and (IV) calls for papers. In order to submit relevant developments for our monthly overview, please contact us.

This overview was composed by Ruth Delbaere (Research Assistant, UGent).

I. Scholarship

A. Journals

  • Nieuw Juridisch Weekblad, 2015, nr. 329
  1. A. COPPENS, “Exit bestuurlijke lus”, 690
    “Exit administrative loop”
  • Rechtskundig Weekblad, 2015, nr. 9
  1. W. VANDENBRUWAENE, “De rechterlijke toetsing aan het subsidiariteitsbeginsel”, 323
    “Judicial control on the principle of subsidiarity”
  • Tijdschrift voor Bestuurswetenschappen en Publiekrecht, 2015, nr. 8
  1. S. SOMERS, “Het gelijkheidsbeginsel als bevoegdheidsverdelend criterium: Over de toepasbaarheid van het gelijkheidsbeginsel wanneer wetgevers van een verschillend niveau een soortgelijke situatie op een verschillende manier reguleren”, 449.
    “The principle of equality as a criterion to distribute competence: About the applicability of the principle of equality when legislators of different levels regulate a similar situation in a different manner”
  • Nieuw Juridisch Weekblad, 2015, nr. 330
  1. P. DAUW, “Wondertools voor de wetgever. Cassatie in belang van de wet – prejudiciële vraag – afstandsovereenkomst – prorogatie – sprongcassatie”, 718
    “Wonder-tools for the legislator. Cassation in the interest of the law – preliminary question – distance agreement – prorogation – jump cassation”
  • Juristenkrant, 11 November 2015
  1. T. VANDROMME, “Grondwettelijk Hof beperkt gewestelijke bevoegdheid voor huisvesting”, 7
    “Constitutional Court limits the regional competence regarding housing”
  2. D. LEESTMANS, “’Er is nog zoveel werk te doen’ – André Alen”, 15
    “’There is so much more work to do’ – André Alen”
  • Juristenkrant, 25 November 2015
  1. E. DE BOCK, “Verschil in beroepstermijn voor burgerlijke vorderingen is grondwettig”, 4
    “Difference in periods of appeals for civil proceedings is constitutional”
  1. E. BREWAEYS, “Privéleven van getuige niet meer verstoren dan noodzakelijk”, 6
    “Private life of a witness not to be disturbed more than necessary”
  1. K. VAN CAUWENBERGHE, “Kan terrorisme de rechtsstaat onderuit halen?”, 13
    “Can terrorism bring down the rule of law?”

     B. Books

  • FOUBERT, P., VANHEUSDEN, B., TORFS, N., DE BECKER, A., ACKAERT, J., VERBIST, S., Liber amicorum Anne Mie Draye, Mortsel, Intersentia, 2015, 538 p.
    Liber amicorum Anne Mie Draye

II. Decisions of the Belgian Constitutional Court (violation of the Constitution)

  1. 4 November 2015, no. 158/2015
  • Preliminary question
  • Contested legislation: Vlaamse Codex Ruimtelijke Ordening (art. 4.8.21)
    Flemish Code Spatial Planning (art. 4.8.21)
  • Violation or no violation, depending on the interpretation
  • Keywords: Administrative law, Flemish Region, Spatial Planning, Council for disputes concerning licences, Judicial procedure, Intervention, Third parties
  • See: PDF
  1. 4 November 2015, no. 160/2015
  • Appeal for annulment
  • Contested legislation: Wet van 10 april 2014 houdende diverse bepalingen inzake gezondheid (art. 68, 69 en 70)
    Act of 10 April 2014 concerning various provisions with regard to health (art. 68, 69 and 70)
  • Annulment
  • Keywords: Medical law and health law, Self-sufficiency for derivations of plasma, Central Department for Fractioning of the Red Cross, Delivery of derivations of plasma to hospitals, Delegation to the King
  • See: PDF
  1. 26 November 2015, no. 168/2015
  • Preliminary question
  • Contested legislation: Burgerlijk Wetboek (art. 330, § 1, eerste lid, tweede zin)
    Civil Code (art. 330, §1, first paragraph, second sentence)
  • Violation
  • Keywords: Civil law, Lineage, Paternal lineage, Recognition of paternity, Legal action to challenge, Ground of non-admissibility, Rights and freedoms, Right to respect for private and family life
  • See: PDF
  1. 26 November 2015, no. 169/2015
  • Preliminary question
  • Contested legislation: Gewone wet van 16 juli 1993 tot vervollediging van de federale staatsstructuur (art. 5 en bijlage 1)
    Regular Act of 16 July 1993 to complete the federal state structure (art. 5 and annex 1)
  • Violation
  • Keywords: Constitutional law, Elections, Elections of regional parliaments, Walloon Parliament, Natural electoral threshold, Voters and candidates in constituencies that have less than four or five seats, Voters and candidates in constituencies that have more than four or five seats, Rights and freedoms, Political rights, Right to vote and to be elected
  • See: PDF

III. Conferences

IV. Calls for papers

  1. Public Law Conference on “The Unity of Public Law”
  • 12-14 September 2016 in Cambridge
  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: 11 December 2015
  • See website
  1. Symposium on “Founding Moments in Constitutionalism”
  • 15-16 April 2016 at Yale Law School
  • Deadline for Biographical Information and Abstract Submission (max. 500 words): 21 December 2015
  • See website
  1. ICON-S Annual Meeting on “Borders, Otherness and Public Law”
  • 17-19 June 2016 at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
  • Submission deadline: 15 February 2016
  • See website
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