BelConLawBlog publishes a selected reading list of new scholarship regarding Belgian constitutional law in journals and books (I), decisions of the Belgian Constitutional Court in which a violation of the Constitution has been found (II), upcoming national conferences (III), news articles (IV), and call for papers (V). In order to submit relevant developments for our monthly overview, please contact us. This list was composed with cooperation of Martijn Vermeersch (student-assistant, UGent).

I. Scholarship
A. Journals

– Juristenkrant, 3 December 2014
1) J. VRIELINK en STEFAN SOTTIAUX, “Fitness-segregatie dan toch geen discriminatie: separate but equal?”, 3.
Fitness-segregation is no discrimination after all: separate but equal?
2) P. DE SMEDT, “Copernicaanse omwenteling in Vlaamse stedenbouwhandhaving”, 6.
Copernican revolution in enforcement of Flemish city planning
3) A. KEEREMAN, “Gas-wet kan recht op spelen niet zomaar inperken”, 7.
Law on municipal administrative fines cannot limit right to play for no reason
4) B. WEEKERS, “Raad van State mist kans op duidelijkheid in boetedebat”, 11.
Council of State misses opportunity for clarity in debate on fines
5) K. DECKERS, “Verhouding gemeente-ocmw: van samenwerking naar integratie?”, 16.
Relation municipality-cpas: from cooperation to integration?

– Juristenkrant, 17 December 2014
1) S. VAN DAMME, “Interfederaal Gelijkekansencentrum en Federaal Migratiecentrum vervangen CGKR”, 7.
Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Federal Centre of Migration replace CEOOR
2) A. KEEREMAN, “Justitiehuizen: op het snijpunt tussen justitie en welzijn”, 12.
Justice Houses: at the meeting point between justice and welfare
3) B. NELISSEN, “Rechters: ‘politici’ tegen wil en dank”, 15.
Judges: involuntary ‘politicians’

B. Books

1) A. MAST, J. DUJARDIN, M. VAN DAMME & J. VANDE LANOTTE, Overzicht van het Belgisch Administratief Recht, Mechelen, Wolters Kluwer, 2014,  1459 p.
Overview of Belgian Administrative Law

2) L. VAN LANGENHOVE, De Opmars van de regio’s, hoe de wereld van staten wordt geregionaliseerd, Brugge, Die Keure, 2014, 159 p.
Regions on the march, how the world of states is regionalised

II. Decisions Belgian Constitutional Court (violation of the Constitution)

1) 18 December 2014, no. 185/2014
– Preliminary question
– Contested legislation: Art. 56, tweede lid, van het Strafwetboek, in samenhang gelezen met art. 25 van hetzelfde Wetboek, met art. 2 van de wet van 4 oktober 1867 op de verzachtende omstandigheden en met art. 25, § 2, b), van de wet van 17 mei 2006 betreffende de externe rechtspositie van de veroordeelden tot een vrijheidsstraf en de aan het slachtoffer toegekende rechten in het raam van de strafuitvoeringsmodaliteiten
Art. 56(2) of the Penal Code , in conjunction with art. 25 of the same Code, art. 2 of the Act of 4 October 1867 on mitigating circumstances and art. 25, § 2, b), of the Act of 17 May 2006 concerning the external legal position of persons convicted to imprisonment and the rights granted to the victim in the context of modalities of enforcement.
– Violation, maintaining the effects
– Keywords: criminal law, offenses, recedivism; 1° mitigating circumstances; 2° reference to the Assizes Court.
– See: PDF

2) 18 December 2014, no. 187/2014
– Preliminary question
– Contested legislation: Wet van 3 juli 1978 betreffende de arbeidsovereenkomsten (art. 63)
Act of 3 July 1978 concerning employment contracts (art. 63)
– Violation, maintaining the effects
– Keywords: social law, labour law, employment contracts , distinctions in treatment between blue-collar and white-collar workers, arbitrary discharge.
– See: PDF

3) 18 December 2014, no. 191/2014
– Preliminary question
– Contested legislation: Wet van 26 juni 1992 houdende sociale en diverse bepalingen (art. 17)
Act of 26 June 1992 containing social and various provisions (art. 17)
– No violation, violation (lacuna in legislation)
– Keywords: public law, civil service, legal position of staff, wages, holiday pay, calculation, taking into account absence on account of illness, contractual staff of the CPAS.
– See: PDF

III. Conferences

1) The 2015 ICON-S Annual Conference
– July 1-4 2015, New York University School of Law, New York City.
– See ICON-S website

V. Call for papers

1) The University of Milan in collaboration with The Younger Comparativists Committee
of the American Society of Comparative Law request submissions for a Workshop on Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Milan on May 4, 2015.
Interested scholars can email their paper by January 20, 2015 to See I-CONnect.


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