tulkens-posterBelConLawBlog and the Constitutional Law Research Group would like to invite you for a guest lecture by Em. Prof. Françoise Tulkens, former judge in the European Court of Human Rights, on “Fundamental rights and state security: inseparable allies”.
Prof. Tulkens will elaborate in English upon a highly important and timely topic, i.e. the compatibility of counterterrorism measures with international human rights. She will also analyze the advantages and pitfalls of a constitutional state of emergency.

The guest lecture will be introduced by Prof. Johan Vande Lanotte and followed by a reception.

When? 30 November 2016, 19h.

Where? Filmzaal Plateau (Paddenhoek 3).

Mandatory RSVP: https://webapps.ugent.be/eventManager/events/Tulkens.

Kind regards,
J. Vande Lanotte, J. Goossens, P. Cannoot, S. Devriendt

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